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Glass & Mirrors

Decorative glass & mirrors are an easy way to add elegant accents to your home. These products can be used simply as wall decor, or integrated into your living space as table tops, counters, cabinet doors, back splashes, marker boards, or your unique application. 

Looking to add a mirror or glass to your existing item? Bring it in! We'll measure your frame, table, door, or other unique item and we'll cut a piece for you. 

For those who prefer something already designed, our manufacturers offer a wide range of  ready made mirrors. For the full selection check out the Kentwood and Uttermost catalogs online. 

Edge Finish Types


Seamed Edge

Removes sharp edges, but is not cosmetically finished.


Flat Polish Edge

A flat edge with a small 45 degree chamfer on the top and bottom, has a nice sheen finish


Pencil Polish Edge

Edge has a radius similar to the 'C-shape' of a pencil, has a nice sheen  finish.


Beveled Edge

Edge is beveled, has a nice sheen finish. 

Patterned Glass Options

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