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Frequently Asked Questions: Shower Doors

Do you install glass shower enclosures? 

We are Central Illinois' leader in installing glass shower enclosures. Our sales and installation team is meticulous at providing you the enclosure that fits your wants and needs and will last for years. 

What types of enclosures do you sell? 

There is a wide variety. We sell and install doors for any bathroom shower, whether it is a highly custom enclosure or a standard tub design. Glass can be clear or have a variety of different obscurities or designs. The glass can be framed, frameless, or heavy glass. The best way to narrow this process is to see our displays and salespeople. You may also check our manufacturer web pages to gather ideas. 

Are you able to prevent film build-up on the glass enclosure? 

There is a product called ShowerGuard that helps to prevent the build-up on glass. This product provides permanent shower glass protection. There is no need for regular spray applications, etc. See the manufacturer's website to gain a full perspective of the product at

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