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Service & Repair

As a full service glass company, we are ready to handle all of your glass related needs. Our team of professional glaziers can install, replace, or repair almost everything glass related. 

If you have a damaged unit bring it in for assessment and repair. Can't bring it to us? Not a problem! Schedule an appointment and we will come to you to discuss the problem and provide a free quote. 

We also offer professional installation for all glass-related products, and can usually complete projects in a single visit. Our Union glaziers start installs by protecting your home with drop cloths and shoe covers. We end the job by cleaning any mess so that your home looks like we were never there. 

What we do:

  • Windows & Doors
    • Install, repair, replace​
    • Hardware

  • Screens

    • Fabricate

    • Repair​

  • Shower Doors

    • Install, repair, replace​

    • Hardware

  • Glass & Mirrors

    • Measure and cut​

    • Install

    • Removal and disposal

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