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Shower Doors

A new shower enclosure immediately adds beauty and value to your home and creates a modern, luxurious appearance for any bathroom. Choose from a wide variety of standard products and custom designs to fit your tastes. 

We provide and install:

  • Framed and frameless glass shower doors and tub enclosures

  • Hinged and sliding glass doors

  • Fixed panels, transoms, and steam stalls

  • A wide variety of glass types including heavier glass

Our commitment to quality starts at the initial consultation and continues through enclosure design, preparation, high-quality manufacturing, to professional installation. This is why we work closely with you or your contractor on both new construction and remodeling projects. 

Do's & Don'ts of Frameless Glass Shower Construction


Back Me Up

Proper blocking in wall to mount a glass door is paramount.

Image by Ivan Vranić

You Crack Me Up

Never use glass tile in the area where the glass door will be mounted, they will crack


What's Your Pitch

The shower curb should be constructed level side to side, with a 1/4" inward pitch.

Shower head.jpg

Which Way Did He Go

Shower heads and body sprays should be directed away from the glass.

JW Marriott Acid Etch Door  Open.webp

Shower Doors Are Doors Too

Just as any door in your home, no tile should be placed in the jamb area where glass is to be mounted.


Don't Hang Me Up

Any overhangs on knee walls or tub decks should be avoided.

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