Frequently Asked Questions: Architectural Products

What is Bacon's Architectural Products?

Bacon's Architectural Products is a division of Bacon & Van Buskirk which emcompasses our proprietary glazing products including Bacon's Architectural Muntins (BAM), Bacon's Architectural Sunshades (BASS), and SimSteel.

Do your muntin grids come assembled?

Yes! Our Bacon's Architectural Muntins come to you fully-assembled, allowing a quick & easy installation.

Can you match my specific finish?

In most cases, yes! We use Linetec as our finisher and they can match most finishes out there. If your color isn't already in their system, we can arrange to ship them a sample for a custom match.

Can you accomodate custom shaped frames?

We'll review your specific needs and work with you on determaining what can feasibly be done. Arches and starbursts are the most typical shapes that we see, but we're happy to review & advise on other shapes. Please keep in mind that these unique shapes require extra attention which will be reflected in the lead time and cost.