Frequently Asked Questions: Windows & Doors

I need a new door or window, how do I get started?

Start your upgrade by talking to one of our experts. Our trained associates will inspect your existing windows & doors and offer recommendations based on their findings. You can also visit one of our showrooms to see some of the options in person.

How do I optimize my windows energy efficiency?

The most efficient window is a fixed window. However, most people prefer operable windows, so casements and awnings are typically the best compromise. We also recommend using Low-E glass which has a coating that reduces UV rays. The most important aspect of energy efficiency is installation - windows must be properly sealed, shimmed, and insulated to ensure they are weather tight.

What are standard window sizes?

Standard sizes vary from one manufacturer to the next. Most manufacturers will list their standard sizes on their websites.

What is a clad window?

It's a window with a decorative, yet protective exterior layer or cladding of aluminum. The cladding is available in a variety of finish options.

What are the advantages of vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows?

Vinyl windows are minimal maintenance, tend to have better warranties, and are less expensive than wood and fiberglass windows. Wood windows are commonly considered to be more visually appealing, and allow for painting or staining on the interior and a large pallet of exterior clad colors. Fiberglass windows allow for a variety of exterior clad colors. Interiors can be finished a white fiberglass or wood. Fiberglass is also paintable and comparably energy efficient.