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Frequently Asked Questions: Architectural Products

What is Bacon's Architectural Products?

Bacon's Architectural Products is a division of Bacon & Van Buskirk Glass. We specialize in providing fabricated aluminum products for commercial applications. 

Are the muntins assembled?

Yes! Bacon's Architectural Muntins (BAM) are designed to your specifications. We then assemble BAM in-house and ship to your location ready to install. 

Can you match my finish?

Probably! We use Linetec as our finisher and they can match most finishes. If your color isn't already in their system, we can arrange to ship them a sample to match. 

Can you do custom shapes?

We can do custom shapes, although there are some practical limitations such as minimum radii. While the shapes we are typically asked for are arches and starbursts, we're always happy to look at your drawings to determine if they are feasible with our products. 

Just keep in mind that these unique units require extra attention which will be reflected in the lead time and cost. 

What are the sunshades?

Bacon's Architectural SunShades (BASS) are fixed louvers. BASS installs within storefront and curtain wall framing to provide year-round shade. 

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